The name of the company, Recaro might ring a bell for many of you because it is a very beg automotive product manufacturer known for their racing car seats. But now let’s take a look the convertible car seat by Recaro, it’s called Recaro ProRide.

Recaro ProRide a convertible car seat, which can be used in rear facing and front facing positions. In rear facing position the maximum weight that the seat can be used with is 35 lbs, which is a little bit lower than other convertible car seat’s weight limit, but it is still okay. In forward facing position the highest weight that you can use the car seat is 70 lbs which is higher than usual, so the lower rear facing weight limit is now out of sight.

It has an average weight of 20.5 lbs which is not too heavy and not too light, so if you want to uninstall from your car, and install it to another one, or just want to clean the car, or going by plane, you can easily do it.

The car is safety tested for everything and it is totally assembled in the USA, although some parts are not made there. What’s more Recaro ProRide is safety tested according to a European Safety Association, so it meets the requirement of Europe, too.

Recaro is known for its smart technologies in the car racing world and it shows in their convertible car seat too. It is very easy to set the straps; you don’t have to thread to move the straps because there are knobs that set you the right height. If your child grows you don’t have to uninstall the seat to set the harnesses’ height you can do it in the car. And the best thing is that you don’t have to adjust the headrests because adjusting the harness will adjust the head rest too.

There is a QuickPull adjuster which helps you to set the seat in the right position and it can be hidden under a cover so small kids won’t make any trouble with it, although for elder ones it can be obvious.

Installation with seat belt is very easy, although the belt path is a little bit narrow and hard to pull the belt through, but once it’s through it’s okay. There are clips near the seat belt path helping the seat belt to be tightened all the time, and it works very well. The LATCH system works just as fine as installing with seat belt it might be a little bit easier. If you don’t use the LATCH clips or the tether which is also included for better protection, you can put them into their storage which is on the bottom of the seat. This is very practical, because you don’t have to mess with the straps hanging out of the seat.

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The only problem with the seat is that it is a little bit too high so if you have a very big car a SUV or a Jeep, it’s fine and it can be easily installed, but if you have a smaller car, and you didn’t measure the headroom before buying the seat, it may cause you trouble. Recaro ProRide is a relatively high convertible car seat, and maybe it can be put into the car, but it is so close to the roof that the baby cannot be seated into.

Adding to the safety and protection the seat is made with using ESP foam, which is energy absorbing material that can absorb the force that would be on the child in case of the crash. Side protection is there on the sides of the car seat which is the most important because the side crashes are the most dangerous for a baby.

If your child has already outgrown Recaro ProRide and you want to continue with another Recaro product, there are possibilities to buy accessories for the protection of older children, seat belts, boosters and etc.

After the advantages of Recaro ProRide let’s see the disadvantages that the seat can own. This is a very good quality car and of course we can find failures and mistakes in everything, but if we look at the construction of the car seat we can see that this is a massive construction, with well padded seating area and protectors on the sides and the right around the head which is additionally adjustable and what’s more you don’t have to adjust individually. The only problem with the seat is the height of it which I have mentioned above and it is a little bit bulky so in a smaller car there won’t be enough room for 3 in a row on the back seat, not even in reversed position.

All in all this is a very good car seat, and those who want to a truly quality product from a company with a very significant past in the automotive industry, try this, note that if you have a small car, measure the head room.

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