Graco My Ride 65 LX ReviewGraco My Ride 65 LX Review

Graco My Ride 65 LX Review


Have you had enough of finding car seats for your children whose rear facing weight limit is only 36 lbs? Now there is a solution for your problem because Graco has released a new convertible car seat, Graco My Ride 65 which exceeds this limit. The maximum weight this seat is useable in a rear facing position is 40lbs. Besides this very big comfort factor, this excellent, well designed seat also provides an infant body support cushion, a head support pillow and harness strap covers.

This article is about to give you information about Graco My Ride 65 providing a clear image to make your choice easier when it comes to buy a car seat for your child or children. For a clear view you have to know all the features with their advantages and disadvantages too, so here they come

One of its most important safety technologies is the Side Impact protection. Although most of the car seats are equipped with this feature, Graco has deeper foam on the sides of the seat which keeps children in the restraints in case of a side crash.

There are 5 harness slots and the buckles fit very well to the buckles. The Top 4 harness slots let the seat be installed in front facing position in which it can be used up to 65 lbs. Thanks to its high shell rear facing position can be used until children reach the weight of 40lbs. Pediatrics advise to use the seat in rear facing position because that is the safest way of travelling for kids, and this seat makes it possible to do so as long as possible.

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When you convert the seat from rear facing position to forward facing position, you have to flip the feet recline into closed position. In front facing position there is no recline but the restraint provides some kind of support.

To tighten the harness use the harness adjuster, this helps you to do so. It requires some muscle work because it is a little bit hard to use, but safety and practice. If each buckle is inserted it will give a click-like sound.

If you have Latch connector system in your car for better installation you can use that way to put the seat into your car. Graco My Ride 65 is produced with two flexible straps which can be used with newer cars where the anchors are lower.

The cover is well padded most of the parts of the seat, but there is little padding on the side. The cover is machine washable and easily removable. The head pillow and strap covers are optional and they must be removed when children reach 40lbs. The seat also has an infant support cushion which is very comfortable and it is used with the lowest harness slots when we transport an infant.

Graco My ride 65Graco My Ride 65 has an expiration date of 6 years and after that you must not use it as well as after a crash these are noted on the back or bottom of the seat too.

Although it is certified to be used on an aircraft personally I don’t think you should choose this for travelling that way, because it is not only a little bit big for the airplane’s seats, but it is also very heavy. So if you decide to use it on an air travel anyway, you should hire a luggage cart to avoid carrying it with a baby in it which is plus weight.

One of the most significant disadvantages is connected to the previously mentioned air travel. This seat is way too big and wide, because of the cup holders that stretch out both sides and they are permanent so you can’t move them.

The other down side of Graco My Ride 65 is that in front facing position it is very hard to install and it is not as secure as in the rear facing position. Recline feet are a trouble to pull back in their place when it comes to change rear facing position to front facing position. Not to mention that they seem to be very fragile because if you want to click them back into their place you feel that you will accidentally break them into pieces.

Another bad thing is the cover. It is excellent that it is machine washable and easily removable but since it is this way the cover comes down every time from the edges because there is no elastic support or something like that to hold it there.

All in all this is a good car seat in a rear position and its weight limit is higher than those on the market so it can be practical, but putting it into front facing position and carrying in an airport is a little bit too much trouble.

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